Yedra VIII

Dakar de Kara in training

April 30, 2019

Four year old stallion Dakar de Kara (by Fer Avellado & Hera XXX, bred by Kara P.R.E.) in training together with his owner Renée Knutson/Remont.

Photo by Julia Andersson, instagram @juliamvandersson

Hera XXX & Lina Källström won with their team

April 21, 2019

Today our former broodmare Hera XXX (2010, by Codicioso–MAC & Yedra VIII, c. Kara P.R.E. t. Team Magaliff AB) and her 16 year old rider Lina Källström participated in the Swedish dressage cup "Dressyrallsvenskan", where they won with their team! Their individual score was 65,8 %. Great job!!

Photo by Lina Källström

Pensadora MAR by Fer Avellado – Wow!

April 17, 2019

Look how beautiful she is – Pensadora MAR, sired by Fer Avellado and bred/owned by Yeguada Mariano y Hermanos!

Photo by Yeguada Mariano y Hermanos

Success again for Hera XXX & young rider Lina Källström

April 13, 2019

This weekend our former broodmare Hera XXX (2010, by Codicioso–MAC & Yedra VIII, bred by Kara P.R.E.) and her 16 year old rider Lina Källström both debuted in elementary–medium level dressage (LA) and were placed 7th of 39 competitors, scoring 67,42 %! This is a great result, as the competition also was part of a Swedish dressage cup "Dressyrallsvenskan", with many experienced riders and horses! Congratulations to Lina, as well as Hera's owner and trainer, dressage rider Nicole Magaliff/Team Magaliff AB!


Photo: Lina Källström

A gorgeous colt by Fer Avellado is born in Spain – Pensador MAR

April 08, 2019

This beautiful colt was recently born in Spain! Pensador MAR is sired by Fer Avellado and bred and owned by Yeguada Mariano y Hermanos.

Photo by Yeguada Mariano y Hermanos

Great weekend for Hera XXX and her rider Lina Källström

March 23, 2019

This weekend Hera XXX participated in two dressage competitions and came in second in both, scoring 68,393 and 67,667 – nicely ridden by young rider Lina Källström! Hera, by Codicioso–MAC & Yedra VIII, is bred by us and owned by dressage rider/trainer/judge Nicole Magaliff/Team Magaliff AB. Hera is dam of Canaria de Kara, Dakar de Kara & Elvira de Kara, all sired by Fer Avellado.

Photo: Lina Källström

Fer Avellado's youngest daughter in Spain – Pensadora MAR

March 16, 2019

So proud to announce the birth of Fer Avellado's daughter at Yeguada Mariano y Hermanos in Spain – the beautiful Pensadora MAR! Fer Avellado still has a few more Spanish offspring to be born this year – very exciting!

Photo by Yeguada Mariano y Hermanos

Lovely Cometa de Kara has moved to Norway

February 15, 2019

Cometa de Kara is now delivered to her new home in Norway, and seems very content about that. We wish her new owners many happy years with this sweet and beautiful mare!

Photo by Guro Hansen

A great horse can train any discipline!

February 05, 2019

A couple of days ago I got a video from Hera XXX's owner, Team Magaliff, of Hera jumping. Although P.R.E. horses are not know for their jumping skills, she did it with such ease and joy! That is the spirit of a true P.R.E!

Photo from the video, unfortunately of poor quality. The video, together with many other updates, is posted on our Instagram page; "karapre".

Cometa de Kara sold to Norway

January 19, 2019

Lovely Cometa de Kara is sold to an excellent home in Norway. Congratulations to the new owners!

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