Our Bloodlines

Yedra VIII – Kara Pura Raza Española

Yedra VIII

Fer Avellado – photo by Natalie Lindholm
Hierro de Kara Pura Raza Española

The brand of Kara

When it comes to genetics and bloodlines of the P.R.E. we are nerds. Or, to be honest, this at least goes for me, Jennie. The other co-owners of our stud, maybe not so much. Since we bought our first P.R.E. in 2006 I have studied the bloodlines of the breed extensively in order to decide which lines should be the platform of our breeding program, based on the type and other features of the horses we want to produce. For us not only a good conformation, but also the horses ability to move well and its temper is very important. That said I want to emphesize that there are many successful studs in Spain and other parts of the world – all with their own preferences of bloodlines. So to say any lines are "the best" is not possible. However there are a few lines that certainly have stood out in the major morphology competitions, and in the higher levels of dressage. We are proud to have chosen horses from some of these.

The P.R.E. with its heritage from ancient times through is closed studbook, which allows no other than 100 % pure Spanish horses in it. This is how the breed has managed to be preserved through centuries, and the significant features of the breeds appearence, nature and movements. The honor of breeding these amazing horses thus comes with a big responasbility to take on this exquisite animals and bring them forwards. in this part lies a legacy that must be carefully taken care of. The horses we breed today will be the ancestors of the coming generations, in centuries ahead.

The bloodlines of our horses, like most horses of the breed, goes back to the old lines that are considerd to be from Cartujano origins. There are different opinions about wether the Cartujano lines actually originated from the Carthusian monks, like they traditionally have been claimed to do, but in any case these bloodlines are an important part of the breed, and together with the Yeguada Militar lines you could say they make the base in the breed. Alomst all horses today have ancestors from cartujano origins, and many also have ancestors from Yeguada Militar. 

Today many old bloodlines have been mixed, and new blooodlines have arised. To say which of these are the better is impossible, as a lot has to do with personal preferences. But some of the bloodlines have certainly had big success in the big morphology competitions around the world, and also in higher levels of dressage. 

At Kara we have a very big interest in the bloodlines of the P.R.E, and have studied them carefully since we bought our first. We always take bloodlines into consideration when we decide how to breed our horses. We believe knowledge of our horses bloodlines is necessary to understand the breed and to be able to forward the legacy of these amazing horses. Although excellent horses can sometimes be bred by chance, knowing your bloodlines and how to combine them gives a lot more accuracy to your breeding program and what you can expect from future generations. There is no coincidence that a handful of all bloodlines have produced so many of the worlds best horses, in morphology shows and dressage. Also some lines are known to mix better than others.