Gandula A

Gandula A & Philip Belhoussine 2015, photo by Therese Hübner Kara Pura Raza Española PRE spanska hästar

Gandula A

Born in 2012

Sire: Claudio Vives

Dam: Belchitana A

Breeder: Ganadería Antares

Genealogía Gandula A


– 2nd position sec. 5, 93,250 pts, 2015

Gandula A con un año, 2013

– Sold to Norway in 2016, with a retained breeding right. – Gandula is a very nice palomino mare with good conformation and expressive movements, sired by Claudio Vives and Belchitana A. She comes from a strong and successful dam line. Gandulas grand dam Elegida LXXXIII has won several Champion titles in Movements, and great grand dam Corinta (TRC) has been placed no. 11 in her section at SICAB. Corinta is also the dam of famous stallion Corinto X (Repr. Mejorante Morfología). Gandula was revised APTO in September 2015, scoring 8 for her trot and 7 for her canter. A month later she participated in X Campeonato de Suecia and scored 93,250 points, which placed her second with the highest morphology score of the section, even higher than the filly that became Campeona Joven. 

Gandula A 2015
Gandula A 2015