Fer Avellado

Fer Avellado (Mañoso II & Kanaka III, c. Yeguada Ferrero, t. Kara Pura Raza Española, PRE, spanska hästar

Fer Avellado

Born in 2005

Sire: Mañoso II 

Dam: Kanaka III

Breeder: Yeguada Ferrero S.L.

Hierro de Yeguada Ferrero
Genealogía Fer Avellado Kara Pura Raza Española

3 x Campeón del Concurso
3 x Campeón de los Mejores Movimientos
1 x Campeón Absoluto de Funcionalidad
4 x 1 clasificada
4 x Mejores Movimientos

2 x Mejor Funcionalidad

In four competitions 2012–2015.

Fer Avellado – Campeón Absoluto de Funcionalidad & Annika Ericsson, Kara Pura Raza Española PRE spanska hästar

Fer Avellado is a top class stallion with excellent conformation, movements and origins – in short all we ever wanted for our stud. He is bred by famous Yeguada Ferrero (Best Breeder SICAB 2011 & 2012) and represents their foundation sire and dam lines. Fer Avellado is sired by legendary stallion Mañoso II (Orfebre & Atinada II) – sire of numerous Champions and SICAB winners, and Kanaka III (Pampero V & Yaca III) – full sister of Yaco II (sire of SICAB winners like Remache XIII, Yaco de Torreluna & Soñadora XXIX). Among Fer Avellado's siblings are Multichampions and SICAB winners like Fer Tempranillo (sire of SICAB winners Fer Bago & Fer Gallardo), Fer Marengo, Fer Pocholo (sire of SICAB winner Hierba Short Petit), Fer Bohemia and Fer Avellado's full brother Fer Bulería, that was offered a position in the national dressage team of Spain in 2008 and became Sub Campeón de España in his section at SICAB the same year.

In 2012 Fer Avellado won the titles Swedish Champion Stallion of the Breed and Swedish Champion of Movements, scoring by far the highest points for both morphology and movements. In the competition 2013 Fer Avellado got by far the highest total of all stallions, winning the Swedish Champion of Funcionality title (ridden by Annika Ericsson). Fer Avellado also got Best Movements and highest points for morphology in sec. 12. In 2014 Fer Avellado again got by far the highest total and the highest points for movements, winning the Champion Stallion of the Breed and Champion of Movements titles. In 2015 Fer Avellado won the titles of Champion Stallion of the Breed and Champion of Movements for the third time. In June 2017 Fer Avellado was chosen for the excellent SICAB winning competition team of CeDavid Marin, and is now temporarily back in Spain to train and eventually compete. We are very proud and happy that he is in the hands of the best!

Fer Avellado has proven his abilities as a breeding stallion through his high quality offspring, that have inherited his correct morphology and amazing movements, as well as his friendly and noble character. Fer Avellado has 14 offspring in Spain, and his first at Kara P.R.E. was born in 2014. We now have five fillies and three colts by him, and we are very pleased with each one.

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