Kara Pura Raza Española

Breeding Spanish horses is our passion!

My fascination with the P.R.E. started in 1993, when I met an amazing white stallion on the Island of Mallorca. At that time I owned a Swedish Warmblood, and did not know much about this breed (known to me as 'Andalusian'). But the beauty, power and nobility of this amazing horse simply overwhelmed me, and I promised myself that I would one day have one just like him.

Yedra VIII

However, it was not until 2004 that the dream of the fairytale horse could become true. After having read a lot about the breed, its features and bloodlines, we decided to look for a good mare that could be the foundation of our planned small stud. We wanted a mare that was very true to the breed, with good conformation and movements, a solid pedigree and that preferably also had proven her breeding abilities through good quality offspring. It took a while to find her, but in the end of 2005 we finally did. It was love at first sight, I instantly knew she was the one. In September 2006 our beloved Yedra VIII arrived in Sweden.

Yedra was a classy mare with a high amount of cartujano bloodlines, and a very noble and sweet nature. She gave us three beautiful foals, and we chose her daughter Hera XXX to continue Yedra's line at our stud. A few years later we decided to search for a breeding stallion that would fit our high demands. In 2012, after a few trips to Spain, we found Fer Avellado – an excellent stallion from famous Yeguada Ferrero that also carried the bloodlines we wanted. Later that year we found the perfect future match for him in the beautiful yearling Jota CA, full sister of one of the worlds most rewarded P.R.E. mares, and one of my personal favorites, Faisana de Torreluna. We also bought Noceda II, a very good broodmare with excellent genetics, sired by the threefold SICAB Champion of Spain, Nero II.

The aims of our stud have ever since the start been to breed horses from successful and proven strong bloodlines in order to get healthy horses true to the classical P.R.E. standard, with excellent conformation and movements as well as noble and friendly personalities. We want to produce horses that have the abilities of competing successfully in both morphologic shows and in various disciplines of riding.

Fer Avellado (Mañoso II - Kanaka III, c. Yeguada Ferrero, t. Kara PRE) foto: Natalie Lindholm
Yedra VIII – Kara Pura Raza Española PRE andalusier spanska hästar

Yedra VIII

Hierro de Kara Pura Raza Española brännmärke iron brand

Our brand

Alhough choosing the right stallion is very important, we believe that the mares are the key to successful breeding. We are proud that our horses – stallions and mares – represent some of the breeds most successful dam lines. All our horses have been carefully chosen for their own qualities as well as for their genetics. Although breeding never is as easy as adding one and one, choosing broodmares and stallions that combine high individual quality with strong genetics will optimize our chances of having offspring that fulfill our high set breeding goals. Parents and siblings of our horses have frequently been placed in top positions in morphological competitions around the world and are also competing in the higher levels of dressage. 

The stud is located outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Please visit us on Facebook; Kara Pura Raza Española or Instagram; "karapre" for more information, photos and videos of our horses. We frequently have high quality horses for sale.


Should you have other specific demands, i.e. regarding bloodlines, training level or colors, we can help you find what you search for through our excellent contacts in Spain.

Kara PRE is member of ANCCE

Kara Pura Raza Española is member of the National Association of Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders of Spain – ANCCE.